Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meme and Lily Hit the Mall

One of the days I have been waiting for has happened! Lily and I went shopping!!! At the mall!! She had been wanting a "girl day" with me for a while, actually she'd take a "girl day" any day. So, I decided we'd go window shopping. We walked into Macy's and headed to the shoes. She squealed with excitement and noticed every pair. She would say "Meme, look at the jeweled ones, look at the red ones, look at the dadada ones" She then said, Meme, put them on!!!! I really got into it too, and soon I had on red spike pumps, silver jeweled pumps, red sandels, you name it and I tried it on. I even saw some really high, high spiked heels with the tiniest, tiniest heel. I giggled and showed them to Lily, she looked at me with frown, and said in the most serious voice, "Meme, I don't think you could walk in those"!!!
Well, it was then that I realized that we really weren't having a girlie shopping trip, but a little girl and her grandmother shopping trip. Even though I am soon to be sixty, I refuse to grow up. This little girl will keep her grandmother from regressing too for back in her youth. However, she will keep me young!!! I can't wait for another girlie day!!!!

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paris parfait said...

Sounds like fun! My daughter is older than your little sweetie, but shoe shopping is one of her favourite things in life! :)