Monday, August 6, 2007

Hot August Nights

It is hot here in Memphis today. The heat and humidity make it feel like 106 degrees. It reminds me of when Brian and Kevin were little. The first week in August for two years in a row the temps soared into the 100's. Both of those years our air conditioner broke. Being a single mom, a scared single mom I might add, I refused to raise the windows at night. So I turned on a big fan and made those boys sleep in that heat. It would actually be cool by morning. As I saw the thermometer today, I thought of those August nights long ago, and of my boys, too.


Farmgirl said...

Not exactly the good kind of "warm" memories! Personally I'm looking forward to this August becoming a distant memory. We've got just what you described--temps in the 100s and no air conditioning in The Shack. But we've numerous fans set at top speed and, thankfully, all the windows open.

I think what really makes this kind of weather bearable, though, is knowing that someday it'll be over. Ahhh, to be wrapped in polarfleece and complaining that my toes are numb from the cold! ; )

P.S. I just love the name of your blog. : )

Beverly said...

Hi, I'm Beverly too. I saw your comment over at Kenju's, so I thought I'd drop by.