Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brian and Kevin's Birthday

Thirty-seven and thirty-three years ago, at exactly 2:08PM and 2:18PM, Brian and Kevin were born. My two greatest works. They are exactly 4 years and 10 minutes difference in their ages. At first, I was so upset when Kevin was born on Brian's birthday. I thought they would not like having to share their birthdays, but I really think they did. It was THEIR DAY. I think it actually helped them be close to each other.

I had always wanted to be a mother and it has been the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I look at them with awe and cannot believe they are the extraordinary men they are. I would like to say it was because of me, and their Granddaddy always told me I was a wonderful mother, but I do not pretend to believe it was me, it was THEM.....They deserve the praises.

Happy Birthday Brian and Kevin. I love you both.
Your Mama

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Grammie said...

Hi Beverly....thank you for stopping by my blog! I, too, am always happy to come upon women in my age range (young, very, very young!!! ha ha)who are going through this wonderfully extraordinary time in our lives.

I will bookmark your site and begin to catch up on your posts as soon as I can.

Take care,
Grammie : )